The Subconscious Mind controls one of the most important aspects to any golfer's game, the mental game of golf.

Although many golfers might say that they work on their mental golf game, less than 1% of golfers actually take the time to train their mind to improve their golf game.

You can have the best swing and putting technique, but if you get nervy and tense at a crucial shot you're never going to reduce your handicap.

Some golf experts believe that players add anywhere between 10-15 strokes to their score simply because they don't master the mental approach to golf.

Very often the higher handicap players think that the problem is ALL in the technicalities of their swing, they are often in search of the 'perfect swing' yet it's only when you become a lower handicap player that you finally realise that a HUGE percentage of your playing capabilities in controlled by your sub conscious mind and you start to do something about it !

When he was asked how many swing thoughts he had, the great Bobby Jones said, "If I have two swing thoughts, I have no chance at all. If I have one, maybe I'll have a good shot. If I have none, then I can play like Bobby Jones."

When you think about it, the thing which differentiates the winners from the losers is the ability to perform under pressure, to maintain their cool, and to be able to keep their mind solely on the next shot and the current hole and IN THE MOMENT!.


I've been following Wade Pearse's 'Minding Your Game', golf mental program for over 2 years now. During that time my handicap has come  down considerably and I find I'm a lot more calm and collected when under pressure.

I play a lot of club competitions, and although I am only a club golfer, I'm not a pro or anything, I enjoy the excitement of  competitions and I especially enjoy the mental side of the game because I know that after two years on Wade Pearse's golf mind training program I have the mental edge on most of my opponents. I must say, I haven't told many of my regular opponents about this golf mental game course because I don't want them to have the same mental EDGE as me. Is that bad??

Wade explains things very clearly and has a great voice for golf hypnosis recordings, an effective time to listen to the golf MP3's  is during the day when you just need to sit down and take a break so I put on my headphones and let Wade work his mental magic ready for my next club match.

My MOST favorite time to listen to the golf hypnosis recordings though,  is JUST before I go to bed, my mind then is relaxed and receptive to the thought processes that will be introduced during the training programme.

The best thing about Wade Pearse's golf mental training programme is that he gives you an eight week guarantee,  so if, for some reason,  you are not happy with the mental training course, he will refund your payment.

I thoroughly recommend that you give this golf mind coaching program a chance, you can always get a refund if for some reason it's not suitable for you, but somehow I think the thought of knowing that you have the strong mental edge over your opponents is going to make the course very, very worthwhile to you.

Other golf hypnosis downloads that I REALLY, REALLY like are on this golf hypnosis reviews page where I review the golf hypnosis down loads that I actually use myself.

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Good luck with your golf game, come back and let us know how you get on with the golf mental training.

Best wishes,