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Golf psychology expert and author of "The Mental Game of Golf," Dr. Patrick Cohn helps golfers improve their focus, confidence, and composure on the golf course. Visit to download a free report.

Related Blogs - Learn the warm up routine for putting that Dr. Joe Parent, author of Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game, teaches PGA Tour pros that is guaranteed to increase your confidence while out on the course. Tired of missing short putts under pressure? Learn how to turn those "knee-knockers" into "tap ins" and never miss a three-footer again! Does your putting frustrate you? Learn how to use mental imagery and language to lessen frustration, increase confidence, and lower your golf scores. find out more at

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Effective Golf Practice – Karl Morris

More tips at: Most golfers waste over 80% of their practice time. In this video, Ill give you some tips on making your golf practice more effective and when you start making the most of your practice time, youll be surprised how quickly your game improves.

Related Blogs - If you've hit the ball great on the range, and then experienced the frustration of not living up to your potential during the round, you'll appreciate this program from Dr. Joe Parent, author of Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game. He explains how to take your "A" game from the practice range and put it into action from the first tee to the 18th green. Includes instruction on an effective pre-shot routine, a good start off the tee, and commitment to every shot to swing with confidence. visit for more info on ZEN GOLF & Dr. Joe.

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Dr. Patrick Cohn, author of The Mental Game of Golf at, helps golfer improve their confidence and success on the golf course. Learn how to control your emotions and get off the bogey train. Visit to download a free report to improve your preshot routines.

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Improving Your Mental Game

Free Swing Plan Free golf tutorial Free Golf Jokes

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Gregg Steinberg Television Appearances and the 2008 Olympics See videos of his sales presentation, leadership, and motivational keynotes at or wwwl, For more info become a fan on facebook at and follow me on twitter: theheadcoach1

Related Blogs Learn golf mental training techniques from the guru of instruction to unlock the keys to the mental game of golf. Cut strokes off, no more first tee nerves, no more losing!

Related Blogs Stroke-saving lessons from PGA TOUR Instructor Dr. Joseph Parent, world renowned mental game expert and author of the best-selling instruction book ZEN GOLF: Mastering the Mental Game. Whether you're a Tour player or high-handicapper, all golfers hit into trouble. The key to keeping your game on track and avoiding those blow-up holes is getting back onto the fairway or up to the green. In "Getting out of Trouble - Part 1: When You Miss The Fairway," you'll learn what to do when you're faced with a variety of challenging shots. Dr. Joe gives you the mental game skills and visualization techniques that will help you save strokes and keep the big numbers off your scorecard. For more info, visit

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This is the introduction to the successful Golf Psychology tutorial conducted by me at Moore Park Golf Club, Sydney, Australia, on the 2nd July 2009. During the one hour tutorial participant golfers were 1) trained on how to access a naturally flowing optimal golf state then 2) were given an exercise to simulate relaxing and enjoying the company and conversation with their playing partners between shots, and then finally 3) instructed on how to re access their optimal state quickly for the preparation and successful execution of their next golf shot.

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