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my mental game is killing me i shoot real low in my golf tryouts for high school but now in tournaments ive been shooting really high and i start getting really mad anyone have any stratigies

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My Golf Rehab Progress Report

Things are going very well with my golf rehabilitation although the weather here in the UK  has been rubbish and the courses are really a bit too wet to enjoy playing golf.

However, I've been working hard too with my golf lessons and going to the driving range regularly and I'm really beginning to feel a difference in the physical side of my golf game.

My golf pro has made quite a few changes to my swing, previously I was not turning my shoulders enough and therefore my swing had become a little bit wild and two 'army'.

Now we're focusing on using the body more to get more power back into my swing  and to get the distance back which I had lost through not turning my body correctly. He introduced a really good training aid called 'Tour Sticks' which I'm  finding very helpful. Basically, they are just fluorescent sticks about 3 feet long and you placed them on the ground to help with alignment issues. I take them down to the range with me and they are helping a lot.

I had a miserable round of golf the other day, in our 1st competition of the year, I managed 23 stableford points over 18 holes, quite pathetic really, BUT, what was impressive is that I kept my cool the whole way round and still managed to come off the course with a positive mind whereas last year I would have wanted to jump off a cliff.

To be fair to myself, I am taking lessons at the moment and my pro had changed my grip to make it stronger and we discovered that I haven't been turning my body for the back swing, so there were quite a few swing changes interfering with my game that day PLUS the fact that there was a magnet in the bottom of each hole that was the opposite polarity to my ball !

When I was playing my best golf a year or so ago, I wasn't 'thinking', just seeing the flight and where I wanted it to land,so, just too many swing thoughts that day.

I'm working regularly with the golf audio sessions that are included in the golf medal training programme and the more I listen to them the more I find that some little snippet will appear in my mind out of nowhere which is a good proof that the program is working for me. In fact, the more I listen to thr golf mental training aidio sessions  and follow the mental training programme, the more fascinating I find it to listen to the way my playing partners talk themselves out of a good round of golf. Hilarious really when you know what you are looking for! If they only knew!!

The more I research golf mental training, the more I see that 't's quite an untapped market and I realise how FEW people actually seriously bring mental training into their game. I'm more than happy to write about the training program and my progress here on my website, but I've no intention of sharing it with anyone that I might be playing against in the near future ! I want to keep my mental edeg to myself! 😉

The creator of the mental training program that I use Wade Pearse, is about to launch a very exciting new concept in the field of golf audio sessions and golf hypnosis  downloads. His new site is not launched yet but I have been able to test out the new equipment and I'm in the process of writing a thorough review for my website

The concept behind it is quite new and VERY exciting.

As you can see from the photo,the 'sound and light machine’  is a type of iPod that plays the golf audio sessions and you wear glasses that flash a mixture of cool blue flashes to your closed eye lids.

The concept is simple, but innovative!

The sound & light  machines use blue L.E.D.s (Light Emitting Diodes) and binaural beats (sounds) that pulse at specified frequencies.

MUCH more on this project later when I’ve worked on my reviews some more! It's REALLY worth waiting for and I feel it's one more trick up my sleeve when I play in competitions!

If you’re in a hurry and would like to know more about the sound & light machines and how they work, lease a message on the bottom of this page with your email and I’ll send you some more info.

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Quiet Please! I’m Talking To Myself !

Do you talk yourself into the perfect shot or out of it?

Isn’t it funny how you can be on the most perfect golf course in the world, the most perfect weather, the most perfect scenery and yet the chaos that goes on in your head is deafening ?

Here you are surrounded by nature, tranquillity, calm and all you notice is the noise in your head of your doubts and frustrations.

Now try and explain this to a non-golfer and they’d wonder what it’s all about.

However, for some golfers, I’m sure it’s a familiar feature of their ‘enjoyment’ of the game. If you saw Sergio Garcia a couple of weeks ago creeping into the bushes to collect his wedge that he’d angrily hurled there after a wayward shot. I wonder what chaos was going on in his mind at the time.

Whatever was going on was joined by ‘I hope the TV camera’s don’t see me doing this’ and they did and yes we all saw him. It was very amusing.

It’s not amusing though when you’re that golfer and you want to play the perfect shot and instead of talking yourself into the shot, you’re talking yourself out of the shot.

So how can we stop this?

Let’s get started before we go out on the course.

Write down 3 positive mind tips that can easily be accessed when needed most. Refer to these frequently, repeat them over and over again out loud (before you get on the course). Then repeat them to yourself as you walk to the tee or to your next shot.

Smile, enjoy your golf and notice the difference.

Quiet please, I’m talking to myself. And it’s all good!

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Mental Golf Game? – Is this an answer?

Hello everyone. I need your help. I love to play golf but sometime my golf game gets the better of me. I get very frustrated over the game. I know that sometimes I play bad because I let a bad day at work get to me. I don’t think my clubs can take much more of me pounding them into the ground.

My dad sent me a link to a CD program that you listen to for 30 minutes a day and it is suppose to relax you and help your mental game. I know my dad has used programs like this in the past and they have worked for him. I would appreciate your input. Also, the program is only .97. Not a lot of money and I can send it back if I don’t think it’s working.

Thanks in advance for your input!
LoL- and no my dad is not trying to get me into a pyramid scam.

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during the summer i shot around 37 38 for 9 holes. Once i got to the high school season, i fell apart, shot horable. Shot around 45 46, and even shooting some 50s. What can i do to help this?

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What are some good drills for the mental game of golf?

I am a 3 handicap who needs some mental help i often start thinking to much or just cant calm down an forget about one bad hole?? I need some tips to help my mental game

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Golf mental help with scoring?

Pretty much every time i play golf ill do good on the front and bad on the back or vise versa. For example: 43 on front 37 on back, or 38 on front 42 on back. Is there any advice you can offer to help me with this?

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    Golf Mental Game: how to not think about my score?

    i am having a lot of trouble with my mental game. i have the talent to shoot low scores but my mind holds me back. the main reason is i tend to focus on my score and the end result. i was wondering if anyone has any good techniques to help with not thinking about my score at all. it seems when i start bad with a few bogeys i can settle down because i think i have no chance so then a play well after. but i need a way to not think about it without being out of the tournament.

    Thank You!

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    How much of a Golf Game is mental?

    I have been playing for years and I practice a lot. But I am wondering if I am stressing to much every time I go up to hit the ball. A friend of mine has told me about a Golf Mental Conditioning Program that he listens to before he goes out and it works. He listens to it 30 minutes before he hits the greens. He always seems very relaxed and self confident. He plays pretty good too. What do you think?

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    i am a 16 year old golfer and iv picked up the game in a year with a natural swing and have a handicap of around 4-6 and the problem i have is i let one bad shot get to me.
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