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Improve Your Golf Game With This Helpful Advice

Pay attention to how high your tee is. The height of your tee is very important to how you drive the ball. A tee too high or too low will result in inefficient, short, off-kilter drives. The golf ball should be placed so that it is slightly higher than the center of the club face.

You should choose your clubs based on your preferences during play, and not the cutting-edge technology it touts. Don't forget that the golfers of a century ago were using clubs made of wood. So, is the fancy titanium really necessary?

When your club comes into contact with the ball, ensure that the club face is completely square. Doing this will give you the best opportunity for a straight shot. Unless the club is aligned with the ball, it is unlikely that your shot will be as controlled as you would like it to be. Vary your grip on the club and monitor the results until you zero in on a technique that allows you to hit the ball at that perfect 90 degree angle.

A shot that goes to the right most likely occurs because your body is going towards the left while you swing. As you downswing, work on releasing your hands to the golf ball sooner. Being able to consistently release your hands quickly will do wonders for the accuracy of your shot.

If you wiggle your toes a little before you swing this can tell you about your posture. If you can move your feet very easily, then you have not aligned your body properly enough to take your shot. When preparing to swing, lean in just enough for you to be able to move a little.

Your feet should be lined up properly. This is the best tip to help you to perfect your golf swing. Your feet should line up perpendicular to where the ball should travel. If you are unsure if you are doing this correctly, you can verify it by putting your club flush against your toes. The club's end should be facing the direction your shot should travel.

Always thoroughly inspect the club head before purchasing any used golf club. Greatly used clubs are likely to have a shiny worn down spot on them. This does not help your golf shots, since any worn out spot can alter the trajectory of the ball.

A good grip is absolutely necessary for perfect manipulation and stroking of the golf ball. Starting with a solid grip will go a along way in helping you to make a variety of shots. The glove-hand grip is especially important because it plays a large role in directing the ball.

A good way to practice your swing and warm up for 18 holes of golf is by hitting some balls beforehand. You are bound to see a large amount of game improvement if you incorporate some of the tips you have learned here. Enjoy your game and you will always come out on top!

Golf Hypnosis Reviews

Though golf is mostly a game that requires natural and inherent physical capability, anyone who has played it at a high level can tell you just how the psychological side of the game is even more important, in fact, many people say that the mental side of golf can account for 90% of your golf performance !

Just about all golfers have hit that perfect shot more than once in their lives and MOST golfers are able to drive itstraight and sink those long  putts. However,  what keeps those players back is a combination of nervousness, lack of focus, low energy, and random lapses in focus.

With that in mind, golf mental coaching enables you to beat back these kinds of common difficulties and unleash the top quality golfer within.

Golf mental training by using hypnosis

One of the things that may continuously hold a golfer back is really a problem with their sub-conscious thoughts. Most golf players are controlled by their anxieties and those worries naturally dominate when they stand over a putt or when they're at the very first tee.

Hypnosis will help a golfer in a number of ways.

Accessing  the unconscious mind and sorting through the issues there can allow golfers to improve endurance, harness natural strength, and increase long-range hand-eye co-ordination.

Exterior distractions can be entirely removed from the equation, which will enable players to operate at their strongest possible levels.

On the list of significant issues is a rise in self-confidence, which can result in more reliable swing planes for competitors of all levels.

Golf mental coaching withNeuro linguistic programming

NLP - or Neuro Linguistic Programming - is used in a variety of fields to help people get on the right track. Neuro linguistic programming for golfers can help golf players particularly by eliminating those subconscious concerns that they don't have any control over.

We've ALL  hit plenty of excellent shots on the range prior to a round, but whenever we stand over the ball on the very first tee, we  are often wracked by nerves.

Possibly by a fear of failure that is deep-rooted, who knows.

These issues can be helped and effectively improved with NLP.

Simply speaking, by incorporating NLP techniques into their golf game, players are hard-wired for success.

Think about exactly what it might be like walking out onto the golf course with a free mind and with a boat load of self-confidence.

That is what golf psychological training is able to do for you.

Many players just accept  the belief that they cannot conquer their worries. They drop strokes and waste their potential on the golf course, simply because they don't understand the way to deal with nerves and lack of golfing confidence.

With some of the modern golf mental training methods it is absolutely possible and HIGHLY LIKELY to drop strokes and turn playing golf into a positive experience all around.

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Hypnosis For Golf – Does It REALLY Work?

The answer to the question, 'Does Golf Hypnosis Work?' in a nutshell, is unreservedly YES!

Anyone who has ever played golf will know how to get a bucket of balls and head to the driving range. However, what separates the great golfers from the poor ones is the
ability to not only play the physical side of the game, but also handle the mental side of things.

Golf is an incredibly taxing game that requires tough decisions and mental toughness. There are going to be struggles and there are inherent fears that must be conquered by any player that seeks true success. With that being said, smart golfers understand that they can overcome certain mental blocks by using  hypnosis and NLP.

Many things about golf are frustrating, but people keep coming back for more. This is mostly because these individuals have certain mental blocks that they just can't seem to shake. These things are embedded deep into their subconscious, so it figures that shaking them would require some mental training that is a bit more invasive.

Hypnosis for golf can get down into that subconscious mind and change those things. While hypnotized, or 'in trance' players can eliminate all of the outside distractions and all of the stresses that cloud judgment. With this clear mind, players can experience better hand-eye coordination, better eyesight, and more focus out on the course.


A big part of  hypnosis or golf mental training is Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short. This is an advanced means of basically reprograming the sub-conscious mind through hypnosis. Because of a long history of playing the game and a host of environmental factors, players can be adversely affected by different distractions and phobias. Maybe they have performance anxiety or maybe they are scarred by an event or a really bad loss on the golf course.

These things can keep people from playing golf with a truly free mind. When you use NLP to correct these problems and free up the mind, golf becomes a much easier game. Bad decisions go away, things are more fun, and approaching a tough putt doesn't seem nearly as daunting as it might have before.

Hypnosis for golf is growing in popularity, as is sports psychology for all sports. because the body will only perform at maximum levels when the mind is free and focused.

For golfers who truly want to reach their potential, it is absolutely essential to take control of the mental side of things. Wasting physical talent can be depressing, especially when lower scores are easy to attain with the correct mental training.

I am currently reviewing one of the most popular golf mental training programs available, you can read my blog posts here.

As a qualified NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist and 12 handicap golfer I review a lot of golf hypnosis downloads reviews, click to read them. I'm often asked by golfers to review golf hypnosis downloads befor they buy them so if there's one that you want me to review, please leave a message on this post and I'll add it to my collection of hypnosis for golf reviews.

Golf and Goals

Have you got a golfing goal?

OK, so you want to play well, you want to lower your handicap, you want to win and you want to feel great about your golf.  But I’ll ask again ‘have you got a goal?  Goals should be specific, they should have a finish date and should be very precise in what you are going to achieve.

When you have a clear set goal for anything you do in life or sport you are more likely to successfully get there.  For example if you want to go to New York on holiday you don’t go into a travel agents and say “I’d like to go on holiday, not sure where, you choose a destination for me”.   You tell the travel agent or the online search engine precisely where you want to go.  You carefully plan your trip, you choose the dates, you set a budget, you research New York, you find out about the weather, you pack your case, you take some dollars, you imagine yourself there.  In all the preparation for your trip you are setting a very clear, step by step goal to achieve your dream and make it a reality.

So, why not do this for your golf?  If your handicap is 28, set your goal to be 20, if your handicap is 10 set your goal to be 5.  Whatever you do, be clear on what you want, set every step of the way; plan your success, plan how you’re going to get there.   If it seems like a long way to go, break it down into smaller easily achievable goals.  And do it with positive confidence, because the more you believe in your goals, the more your subconscious mind will help you to get there.  Write it down, keep a note of your goal, check this book regularly.  Of course you have to take steps to get yourself there, like train and practice, however keep focused on your goal, note down the positive results of this practice and believe in yourself.  The more you believe the more you will create that positive future and achieve what you clearly set out to do.

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