Do you have fragile confidence?

golf-ball-on-teeDoes you confidence go up and down depending on the outcome of your last shot or score on the hole.

We also call this the "confidence roller-coaster." This can be a big problem for golfers...

One way to keep a steady or stable level of confidence is to manage your doubts.

This means you want be aware of the thoughts, doubts, or beliefs that undermine confidence. And doubt is one of the top confidence-killers in golf.

Some golfers start doubting before they even tee it up. Golfers struggle with doubt the most after hitting a series of bad shots or making a double or worse.

The problem is you don't want doubt to unchecked in your mind. Do you even know when you are doubting your ability to hit a good shot?

The first step is awareness... You want to uncover the top doubts and negative thoughts you might have after mistakes.

And remember, when you are questioning your ability - "is my short game good enough today?" - this is a doubt in disguise.

Here a few areas to help you develop your list:

  • Self-doubt about ability to beat your competitors.
  • Questioning the quality of your practice or training.
  • Self-doubt about your physical ability such as size or strength.
  • Questioning the quality of your equipment (i.e. clubs, putter).
  • Doubts about your strategy or game plan.
  • Making comparisons to other golfers.
  • Feeling that you can never perform up to your potential.
  • Doubts about executing a specific shot.

Changing your behavior always starts with awareness. A good exercise to uncover your top doubts is to keep a log of the doubts you have -- after rounds.

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