I had heard about this man's determination to get from 24 handicap to break par in just one year some time ago and have been eagerly awaiting its release, in fact, Sam Torrance mentioned the book today when he was commentating for The Open Golf.

See the You Tube video below.
Interesting comment on the video that he used hypnosis as part of his training.

I've read so many golf books but this is one that does NOT disappoint - I finished it in just over a day!

In my opinion this book is a great resource written from a 'human' perspective that will help us all to deal with the mental aspects and challenges of the game. It is a very easy book to read as John's wonderful Irish wit and inspiring honesty really touch the heart and the mind.
This is the man who, when speaking to Sam Torrance about his desire to play a level par round of golf in just one year was told to 'Dream On', hence the title of the book. Darren Clarke also suggested that 3 years was a much more realistic time frame.
But nevertheless, John decided to try to achieve what they told him was impossible in just one year.
From the beginning it is quite obvious that although lacking in golfing ability, John is passionate about the game.
He explains how difficult it his task is both for himself and for his family as he tries to make this huge achievement while dealing with the demands of a rigorous, full time job.
The book is a classic tale of one man's struggle with a golf ball and how it totally takes over his life, and that of his family for one year.
The book is unputdownable and will keep you interested right until the last page when all is revealed.
If you are also struggling with your golf game, you can take many things away with you from this book that will motivate and encourage you to persevere through the difficult rounds.
It proves the point that if you have discipline and self belief, you can achieve just about anything you want in life.
You don't have to be a keen golfer to read this book, whether you enjoy golf or not, you will still come away highly motivated and energised.
I can strongly recommend it !
Amazon Review:
Dream On: The Challenge to Break Par by John Richardson
Meet John Richardson.
A typical weekend golfer who enjoyed the game but couldn't break one hundred. Married. One seven-year old daughter. Full-time job. But he differed from the average 24-handicapper in one crucial way. He was determined to break par within a year at the local golf course, while working in a demanding full-time job and trying his best to remain a good husband and father.
Virtually everyone he came across told him that it wasn't possible.
Sam Torrance advises John to 'dream on' and Darren Clarke tells him that three years would be a more realistic time frame.
Add to the mix a range of golfing injuries, family responsibilities and a rigorous working schedule, and you can understand why there were so many doubters.
Dream On is the story of how John achieved the seemingly impossible - from how the initial challenge took shape and the methods he used to dramatically improve his game to that glorious day, less than one year later, when he broke par and played the best round of his life.
About the Author
JOHN RICHARDSON worked for more than fifteen years in the coffee-bar and restaurant industry, at one time running the largest sandwich business in Ireland. He used this experience to write Wake Up and Smell the Profit: 52 Guaranteed Ways to Make More Money in Your Coffee Business and The Coffee Boys Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up and Managing Your Own Coffee Bar. A keen golfer, he lives with his wife and daughter in Bangor, Northern Ireland.
Because of Tom Watson fabulous achievement at The Open, I rummaged around in Amazon and was delighted to find that there are several books on golf's amazing characters, such as Walter Hagan, Ben Hogan and of course The Morrisses. Sam Torrance brought up the story of old and young Tom Morris during his commentary at The Open last weekend and I became intrigued to learn more.
I've just ordered several of these golf classic stories to take away on holiday, watch out for my reviews when I get back!