Get in the zone with the help of self hypnosis!

Golf is more than just a physical sport. Golf is a mental challenge.

Every thought you have permeates your body and reflects in your golf swing. You know that when you are calm and confident you experience greater balance and control on the golf course, but somehow tension creeps in and breaks your concentration. Keeping yourself in sync can be tricky when your mind is sending mixed signals to your muscles.

The mind/body connection is extremely prevalent in the game of golf. We may play golf against others and compare scorecards, but our true opponent is the mind.

We measure everything in our mind, calculating how much movement each shot requires. Our thoughts swirl with judgements of distance and impacts of curves on the green. We focus so intently that our body can become rigid and strained without us really even noticing. This undoubtedly affects our rhythm, which is so important in golf.

Think about the times when you played golf and were able to make the shot just as you intended. Every movement followed through the way you envisioned. The golf ball rolled exactly to the spot you wanted. Where was your mind at the moment your golf club made contact? What physical sensations were you experiencing? Did you feel stressed or uneasy? No, your body was loose and flowed exactly as it should. You executed the shot almost effortlessly. You were in the zone.

Getting to this place mentally and physically will improve your golf game.

Imagine what it would be like to:

greentickHave a more balanced mind/body connection!

greentickFeel more relaxed and confident on the golf course!

greentickFind your personal rhythm and enhance your golf!

Self hypnosis is an excellent way to access the power of your unconscious (subconscious) mind. This creative relaxation session will help you become more familiar with your mind’s ability to control your body. By developing this skill you will be able to more positively direct the signals your brain sends to your body.

Listening to this self hypnosis CD/MP3 hypnosis download will not turn you into Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods overnight, but it can help you enhance your golf game through improved focus and physical ease. This increased physical awareness will assist you in achieving the results you desire. With the help of self hypnosis you can....

Have a better golf game!


greentickVoiced by Barrie St John
greentick Uses advanced hypnotherapy
greentickDeeply relaxing hypnotic music
greentickPowerful 3D voice effects
greentick A digitally mastered recording
greentick Recorded in professional studio
greentick Your satisfaction guaranteed!

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CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS from the HypnoShop Website

The great golf hypnosis CD / hypnosis download has had some great feedback over the past couple of years. Here are some of our favourite comments:

The great golf hypnosis CD by Barrie St John is full of golf tips Today’s Golfer Magazine, June 2006 – Britain’s biggest selling golf magazine.

I’d like to thank you Barrie for producing a great product. My golf has steadily improved since listening to this hypnosis recording over the past couple of months. I’ve had people I play golf with comment on my improvement so I know it is working. I’m no Tiger Woods, and never will be. But I know your hypnosis recording has helped me no end. Thanks a lot. Alex Thompson - Cape Coral, Florida, USA.

Your great golf hypnosis session is superb. I really enjoy listening to it and really like the content of the recording. I’ve been following the psychology techniques thoroughly and have noticed a significant and positive change in my golf. It just goes to show how psychological sport is. Thanks again Robert Bell - Watford, UK.