My inspiration for writing this review of 'The Perfect Swing' golf hypnosis download from is drawn from watching Tom Watson's unbelievable performance last summer at The Open in Turnberry and watching his perfect swing time, after time, after time.

If ever there was an image you would need to bring to the course as the perfect visualisation it was Tom's swing. The way he kept his head still and stayed looking down until WAY after the ball has gone was an inspiration to me and his achievement in leading The Open up until the very last stroke after 4 days and just about everyone else had fallen by the wayside defies description.

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It was almost spiritual, as though it was his destiny to win the Claret Jug as 'old Tom' when he had won it several times before as 'young Tom'.

The fact that he didn't quite make it, although I was heart broken for him at the time, is no longer important , what he did manage to achieve is to make us all believe, at any age, that it ain't over 'til it's over!

Anyway, now that I've paid my humble tribute to the brilliant Tom Watson, back to my review.

Mark Tyrell of starts by talking about the state of mind you need to be in to swing the club like a pro.

He talks about the difference between your practise swing and your 'game' swing and about being able to direct your focus at will and how your mind can lead your body into having the optimal amount of muscle tension. There is a main difference in mindset between your practise swing and your game swing. In your practise swing, you are thinking of nothing else but your swing, however, the distractions to your swing during a game are caused by thoughts of the outcome, thoughts of the previous hole, thoughts of 'how many shots' you need to play to your handicap, if I just do this, then that will be OK, etc etc etc, it goes on and on, doesn't it !

You have to want to win BEFORE your game, BUT, during the game, all thoughts of victory need to vanish !

To play to your full potential, your mind must just focus on one thing and one thing only, and THAT is the flight you want the ball to take, the vision of EXACTLY where you want it to land.

This hypnotic mind training session will instill confidence, focus and composure so that you 'become your swing' when you make it and all else fades away.

There is a little more talk from Mark and then the process of total relaxation begins.


As a busy Mum, golfer, writer, etc I take any excuse I can to drift away into total serenity and the more times you listen to hypnosis sessions the easier it becomes to totally switch off and allow the words and suggestions to reach deeply into your subconscious mind where they can work their magic .

Easy isn't it, just lie back, relax and improve your golf game !

Does it work?

Download the Perfect Swing Hypnosis Session here

I'm living proof for one thing. I started reading golf psychology books and listening to golf hypnosis downloads when I was about 18 handicap and at a bit of a standstill golfwise. I gradually came down and down and made it to 10 before I 'stabilised' at my current handicap of 12.

But what's MOST important, is that I always compete well, my mind control is excellent and I've trained myself to focus and let any distractions wash over me. I've lost track of the times where I might have been down a few holes in a match where my opponent is playing out of their skin, but I keep calm and focused right up to the bit where my opponent starts to falter with the pressure, I know I've got them then because the more pressure there is, the more cool and calm I feel.

I'm talking about club/county team level for me of course as I didn't take up golf until after my children started school but that is even more proof that these self hypnosis sessions work for anyone, at any level.

But I digress, now, where was I?

OK, I'm up to the 'lie back, close your eyes and allow your muscles to start to relax' bit.

Mark's voice is very relaxing and comforting and it very easy to melt into his words and drift into a lovely trance like state. His voice starts to slow down, get a little deeper as your mind wanders off to your own special place, anywhere in the world, anywhere in your mind, that just feels great for you.

The relaxation part takes about 5 or 6 minutes to about 1/2 way through the 20 minute recording.

Then, still in the same low, soft tone of voice, he begins to talk about how top athletes become one with their sport, becoming absorbed in their sport and being a joy to watch.

In your mind's eye, you put yourself in their place, envision yourself doing what top golfers do. He uses a great NLP technique of creating an anchor word that will bring you back into this state time and time again.

Repeating the process of creating an anchor point to bring you to a focussed state, great techniques and as an NLP practitioner myself I can appreciate his methodology.

He continues to talk about being in the moment, not thinking about outcome, being 'in the now' which of course are all tried and tested
methods of mind control for top athletes in any sport.

I'm impressed with this hypnosis session for developing mind control and perfect state.

It is one of the ones I first started listening towhen I was still handicap 18 and is still one of my regular ones especially in the run up to competitions and events.

The effects of course are cumulative, the more regularly you listen, the more your subconscious leads you to the correct mental state without you having to consciously control it.

The main thing I like about this hypnosis session, is that it's a good one for the overall calm state.
There are other sessions that focus on putting, or hazards, or driving off the first tee but I like this one because it works on the complete overall mental process.

I like the products from Hypnosis Downloads, they focus strongly on the words.
There are other companies that use 3D music and voice effects and these are good too but I do like the clean, simple, direct effectiveness of hypnosis download products.

Good Luck !!

Download the Perfect Swing Hypnosis Session here

I'll leave you with a video of living legend of Tom Watson !!

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