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review-golf-putting-hypnosis-downloadReview: Putt Like a Pro Hypnosis Download
20 minutes long, UK accent.

You know what it's like - you're on the green, you're doing your best to relax, the putt doesn't look too bad...then your arms do something stupid, the ball contact feels all wrong and the putt is missed.

The best golfers in the world have off days on the green, but most of the time, their putting works.
So what do they know that the rest of us don't?

puttingThey know how to lay down 'perfect play blueprints' in their mind before they play. The act of powerfully rehearsing the desired movements in your mind 'grooves out' the mental path, so when it comes to taking that putt, your brain knows exactly what to do.

To putt reliably, you need to train your instincts to feel automatically relaxed and 'in the zone' every time you putt. Hypnosis is the optimum training tool because every putt can be perfect
when you practice hypnotically. When you use 'Putt like a pro' you will program your instincts to relax on the green and deliver your best putt every time.

This golf putting hypnosis download session f rom Hypnosis Downloads is spoken by Mark Tyrrell who has a very calming and relaxing British accent.

He starts by talking a little about staying 'in the moment' so that all thoughts of the shot you just hit and what might happen AFTER you hit the shot just disappear and there is ONLY THE PRESENT. You MUST stay 'IN THE NOW' and the fantastic or lousy shot you just hit does not exist once you have played it.'

Did you know that positive thinking can be just as bad for your golf as negative thinking?

Studies on 'state of flow' have shown that during periods of peak performance, sportsmen and women have exceedingly low levels of corticol in their brains which means, that when athletes are 'in the zone' they just don't 'think' at all.

To play your sport well, you need to become totally focussed and totally at one with what you are doing.

golf-holeThe hypnosis download 'Putt Like a Pro' will help you to become 'one with your putt' and is going to become a natural part of the way you play golf every time.

Mark begins the breathing and relaxation stage, I always love this bit and the more you get used to letting your body relax so deeply the easier it becomes each time. As soon as the lovely trance-like stage is reached, Mark starts making the suggestions that will help your subconscious to make lasting changes to your putting technique and will definitely help to reduce your handicap. Being in a semi hypnotised state is just like daydreaming or being in that stage just after you wake up, before you start moving to get out of bed.

Mark begins the suggestion stage: "Begin to dream a dream, get the sense of how your putter feels when you hold it. Imagine setting up for a medium to long putt, almost like in a dream, you are going to become one with the putt, become with the hole and your mind will be empty of all reality, present, past or future. After each shot, its going to be like coming out of trance again. Your mind is empty so your instincts are going to take care of how you putt. You, the club, the action of putting and the hole are as one. "

Mark continues:" This time, you are going to perform a supreme, zen like 6' putt and you are going to be one with the movement, notice becoming one with this putt, as all else fades from your mind as you make your stroke, the sensation in your hands as your club face caresses the ball, the ball rolling confidently, knowingly towards the hole and dropping gently in it, with that sweet, sweet sound !"

He speaks more about different length putts and " how it feels to make them which helps to develop your instinct and feel for the stroke, feeling that you become 'one with your putt', becoming incredibly peacefully, solidly focussed on the ball and the hole as you make your putt with beautiful smoothness and watch in a semi interested way as the ball makes its way to the hole. "

putting-antique-ladyI really enjoyed this putting hypnosis download and it made me feel so confident about putting that I can't wait to get out on the course again.

It's a great habit to get into that will drastically help your putting, once you have developed the mental technique of imagining your putts, you can build on it at any time, when you have a nap, just before you go to sleep or in that lovely peaceful time just after you wake up. Just keep your eyes closed and see and feel a few different putts on different greens, different lengths, practise feeling the calmnesss, picture your perfect technique so that putting comes naturally and easily for you and you can relax into your putts.

I can recommend the " Putt Like a Pro Hypnosis Download" from Mark Tyrrel of and I will definitely put this on my list of regular self hypnosis/relaxation sessions that I use to bring a sharper mental edge to my golf game.

I'm currently a 12 handicap golfer and I play my best golf in a match play situation,putting-ancient-golfer I ALWAYS finish strongly and I credit my improved mental edge to the several golfing hypnosis sessions that I do on a regular basis. You would AMAZED how often a 'snippet' from one of the sessions will just appear 'out of nowhere' to help me out mentally when the going gets tough out on the course.

Hypnosis really gives you the mental edge for your golf game!

You can download 'Putt like a pro' now and notice the difference on your very next round...

GuaranteeHypnosis Downloads offer a 100% 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee so you really have NOTHING to lose, apart from the Yips!