www.mindbites.com Pocketshots are a series of video golf tips from famous golf instructors and golf coaches worldwide. In this series of mental game video lessons, world famous golf psychologist, Dr. Karl Morris takes you through all the technique and golf practice drills you need to become a stronger mental player. For more examples of the information in this lesson, check out these free videos: Practice Drill: Making the Target Small - www.mindbites.com Mental Game Preshot Routine - www.mindbites.com It is ideal for golfers of all standards from beginners to improvers. Dr. Morris has worked with many of the best players on the European Tour and they has the practice techniques that will transform your mental game. Learn how to change your practice habits to improve your game by simulating game conditions. This lesson contains many different Pocketshot clips and is around 25 minutes in length. This will improve your mental game and therefore make you a better golfer. For more information about Britain's top golf instructors, visit www.dizzyheights.com

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