If there's one piece of golf training equipment I just can't do without, it would be this swing trainer from David Leadbetter.It's perfect to use during the winter months when you can't get out on the course as not only does it help develop the correct swing plane, it builds up the correct muscles and embeds the swing into muscle memory.

I often take it to the driving range with me so I can get a good warm up.

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The other thing I wear for golf whenever it gets hot is my Tilley Hat, it has to be THE best golf hat ever! [ReviewAZON asin="B000E9DQTE" display="inlinepost"]
One of the best ways that I have found to exercise muscles and stretch muscles that are specific to golf is to use an exercise vibration training machine such as the Powerplate.We bought ours 2 years ago and use it regularly. It is brilliant to use it on the off season the keep supple  and to keep the golf specific muscles raedy for action. An added bonus is the fact that these exercise vibration machines help to remove cellulite, really, it's true! We bought our Powerplate , a My 5 because we both HATE going to the gym, and, let's face it, neither myself or my husband are 'spring chickens' and we wanted an easy way to work out WITHOUT going to a gym! Powerplate works great forusand that's why I'm adding it to my golfing 'must haves' ! We got the black one it's look good! [ReviewAZON asin="B000QTOCCC" display="inlinepost"]
 The LAST thing for now that I want to add to my 'must haves'  is the Boomerang Golf Putting Aid. Believe me, I have tried LOTS of putting aids and it took a long time to find this one. It's actually fun to use  and is quite addictive as you try to put your ball into the cup at the top of the ramp and then hit your 2nd ball to tap the first one which then knocks it out and they both come back to you.

The challenge is, how many times you can do this in a row! The record at the moment is 12 in a row! ( YES, I know, you think 12? That's not much ! Hah, just try it and you'll understand !
See the videos for the Boomerang Putting Aid below. It's a fun product and my putting improved dramatically through using it!

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