The answer to the question, 'Does Golf Hypnosis Work?' in a nutshell, is unreservedly YES!

Anyone who has ever played golf will know how to get a bucket of balls and head to the driving range. However, what separates the great golfers from the poor ones is the
ability to not only play the physical side of the game, but also handle the mental side of things.

Golf is an incredibly taxing game that requires tough decisions and mental toughness. There are going to be struggles and there are inherent fears that must be conquered by any player that seeks true success. With that being said, smart golfers understand that they can overcome certain mental blocks by using  hypnosis and NLP.

Many things about golf are frustrating, but people keep coming back for more. This is mostly because these individuals have certain mental blocks that they just can't seem to shake. These things are embedded deep into their subconscious, so it figures that shaking them would require some mental training that is a bit more invasive.

Hypnosis for golf can get down into that subconscious mind and change those things. While hypnotized, or 'in trance' players can eliminate all of the outside distractions and all of the stresses that cloud judgment. With this clear mind, players can experience better hand-eye coordination, better eyesight, and more focus out on the course.


A big part of  hypnosis or golf mental training is Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short. This is an advanced means of basically reprograming the sub-conscious mind through hypnosis. Because of a long history of playing the game and a host of environmental factors, players can be adversely affected by different distractions and phobias. Maybe they have performance anxiety or maybe they are scarred by an event or a really bad loss on the golf course.

These things can keep people from playing golf with a truly free mind. When you use NLP to correct these problems and free up the mind, golf becomes a much easier game. Bad decisions go away, things are more fun, and approaching a tough putt doesn't seem nearly as daunting as it might have before.

Hypnosis for golf is growing in popularity, as is sports psychology for all sports. because the body will only perform at maximum levels when the mind is free and focused.

For golfers who truly want to reach their potential, it is absolutely essential to take control of the mental side of things. Wasting physical talent can be depressing, especially when lower scores are easy to attain with the correct mental training.

I am currently reviewing one of the most popular golf mental training programs available, you can read my blog posts here.

As a qualified NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist and 12 handicap golfer I review a lot of golf hypnosis downloads reviews, click to read them. I'm often asked by golfers to review golf hypnosis downloads befor they buy them so if there's one that you want me to review, please leave a message on this post and I'll add it to my collection of hypnosis for golf reviews.

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