Most golfers are at the mercy of their constantly changing states, or personal frame of mind.

That’s, because most people don’t know how to control the way they feel.

Their state is usually determined by what is happening in the outside world or their perception of it – their personal map of reality.

If it is a nice sunny day they feel good.

If the golf ball is “behaving itself” they feel confident.

If the person they are playing with is to their liking they feel happy.

The way they feel, their state, is controlled by external events - events that are beyond their control.

However, we don't have any control over external factors such as these.

You can train yourself to control your 'mental state' , you can develop the ability to get into the right state, at the right time, for the task or experience at hand is key.

THIS is the fundamental difference between golfers who play well and golfers who let thngs that they CANNOT control affect their state of mind.


Step 1

Step 1: Imagine you’ve just hit a really bad golf shot, maybe one that costs you a couple of shots. Remember what you said to yourself and most importantly what you felt. What state were you in then and how do you feel thinking about it? Now forget about that shot completely. It never happened.

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