A very smart man once said that playing golf is a great idea when you are mad at someone else, because the game will make you so mad at yourself, that you will forget all about the transgressions of others. Unfortunately for many golfers, this is a reality of hitting the links every time out. One of the keys to posting a solid number is being able to manage your frustration and your anger out on the golf course.

If you are playing a full round, there will always be a time or two when you hit a poor shot or get a bad break. This happens for even the best players, so learning to manage your emotions is key to success. But how can you do this consistently?

Gaining a little bit of perspective

Golfers need to understand that not every shot is the end of the world. Too many golfers struggle with perfectionism and they struggle with understand how the game is played. Even players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson hit bad shots, and you are going to hit them, too. Understanding this and being able to cope with those bad shots is very important. If you can make changes to your subconscious and start to grasp this concept, then it will help you avoid blowups out on the course. Most players end up looking at their scorecard at the end of the round only to see that they've posted an "8" or a "9", when a big score like that was very avoidable.

Keeping a clear mind


The best golfers know that the only way to be successful is to think about the next shot. When a shot is finished, there is nothing that you can do to change it. You do, however, have control over what you do with the next shot. For golfers that can keep a clear mind and focus only on the next shot, good things will happen. This is a key element of handling frustration and scoring well.

When fixing these problems, things like hypnosis and NLP have their place in golf, and it's a big place. Most golfers have practiced enough and possess the ability to post solid scores. They just need to get rid of some of the road blocks that are standing in their way. Frustration and anger are two of those road blocks, and these mental training methods help break those things down.

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