In the world of golf , putting is one of the most important things you can learn. How well of a putter you are is often the determining factor in whether or not you come in under par on a given hole. There are really four basic things to keep in mind when stepping up to putt.

The first thing is your stance. The narrower the better. Typically your feet should be spread no wider than your shoulders. Stand close enough to the ball such that if it fell from the bridge of your nose it would land on your target line. Most good golfers stand with their weight balanced slightly toward the inside of their left heel.

The second thing is the ball’s position. Usually the ball should be somewhere between the center and your left instep. Closer golf-putting-tipsto the left for sweeping strokes and more to the center for tapping actions.

The third thing is grip, although when putting you really just want a lighter version of your regular grip. Keep the little finger of your right hand on the club rather than interlocking and when closing your hands on the club make sure you do not do so in such a way that it causes the club to angle.

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