Do you talk yourself into the perfect shot or out of it?

Isn’t it funny how you can be on the most perfect golf course in the world, the most perfect weather, the most perfect scenery and yet the chaos that goes on in your head is deafening ?

Here you are surrounded by nature, tranquillity, calm and all you notice is the noise in your head of your doubts and frustrations.

Now try and explain this to a non-golfer and they’d wonder what it’s all about.

However, for some golfers, I’m sure it’s a familiar feature of their ‘enjoyment’ of the game. If you saw Sergio Garcia a couple of weeks ago creeping into the bushes to collect his wedge that he’d angrily hurled there after a wayward shot. I wonder what chaos was going on in his mind at the time.

Whatever was going on was joined by ‘I hope the TV camera’s don’t see me doing this’ and they did and yes we all saw him. It was very amusing.

It’s not amusing though when you’re that golfer and you want to play the perfect shot and instead of talking yourself into the shot, you’re talking yourself out of the shot.

So how can we stop this?

Let’s get started before we go out on the course.

Write down 3 positive mind tips that can easily be accessed when needed most. Refer to these frequently, repeat them over and over again out loud (before you get on the course). Then repeat them to yourself as you walk to the tee or to your next shot.

Smile, enjoy your golf and notice the difference.

Quiet please, I’m talking to myself. And it’s all good!

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