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Golf Audio Coaching- Awakening Your Golf Mind

The first listening of Wade Pearse's Audio Coaching Session:

Before I started working with  Wade Pearse's Golf Mental Training Course,  I was looking for a way to bring enjoyment back into my golf game, you can read my story here, I won't repeat it here as I want to get on with my review of this course.

My thoughts towards golf last year were negative and quite honestly miserable and joyless.  Playing golf  had become a boring chore and as much as I enjoyed the company of my club teammates and playing partners, I had no enjoyment for the game at all. The less I wanted to play, the less I practised, and of course, the worse my game became and the cycle of misery continued for the whole of the year.

At the beginning of this year however, I decided that I've put so much time and effort into my golf game over the past 12 years that I want to get back to playing golf and decided to do something about it.

I've reviewed lots of golf hypnosis downloads and a lot of them are really good as you will see from the reviews on this site.

However, I need more than individual golf hypnosis downloads to bring about the shift in my mentality I'm looking for.

I've known about Wade Pearse's Golf Mental Game Training Program for quite some time and I've always liked the concept of having a whole course based around improving your mental attitude and mental strengths so I've chosen Wade's course to bring about my rehab.

As Wade says in his course material:"Every golfer has heard the saying "It's all in your head" or "Golf is 90% mental" or "Golf is the most mentally demanding sport in the world." Yet what do golfers do about it? Well, most often absolutely nothing! Not necessarily because they don't want to, but sometimes golfers actually think the mental game doesn't matter to them!"

For me, the most important step has already been taken, I've made the decision that I WANT to do something about my attitude and I am GOING to get back my enjoyment of the game, so, THIS is where I'm at.


Now, after my first listening of the first part of the audio coaching session called " Awakening Your Golf Mind" I know I've made the right decision to follow this course.

My Review of the first part of the audio coaching session called " Awakening Your Golf Mind":

Firstly, I have to say that the sound of the voice on any audio training session is SO important for the overall enjoyment and effectiveness of the session , it's no good if the  speaker has an accent that you can't understand, or the timbre of the voice grates on the nerves, or it's too high or too low, Wade's voice passes that test with flying colours, he has a deep, soft relaxing voice with an 'easy on the ears' slight Canadian accent that enters the subconscious mind very easily and gently.

( If there are any ladies reading this by the way, you will like Wade's voice, GUARANTEED! ! ) Anyway, I digress ! 😉

The subject of this audio session is to create the right frame of mind to enjoy playing golf and to play successfully, that the aim of playing is NOT about ONLY the score, but about getting into a comfortable and relaxed state of mind so that you play at your optimum mental levels and that way, everything else , scores, results etc, will happen naturally.

He takes you through a short breathing exercise before leading you into a deeply relaxed state and talks about how to sustain the feeling of comfort and relaxation throughout your game, ( getting into and staying in the zone, as the old cliche goes ).

He encourages you to bring to mind how it felt when you were playing golf really well, and to visualise the scene around you, the colours, the sounds, the feelings you had, the confidence you felt ( all successful NLP techniques of course) . The more you listen to this audio session, the easier it becomes to utilise the techniques on the golf course. To me, if I can come off the course feeling content and happy with my game, whatever the result, it's worth it's weight in gold!

Watch out for my review of the 2nd audio session for Wade Pearse's Golf Mental Game Coaching Program, I'm looking forward to it!

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my mental game is killing me i shoot real low in my golf tryouts for high school but now in tournaments ive been shooting really high and i start getting really mad anyone have any stratigies

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My Golf Rehab- Round 5

Well,  time has gone by since my last Golf Rehab post!

To cut a long story short, at this moment, I was supposed to be on holiday in the Caribbean, however, thanks to the wonderful Icelandic volcano all that went by the board and we're now holiday in Devon, a place I have never been to before, it is BEAUTIFUL and the weather is on our side. We have 10 days here and will probably play golf at least 7 times, something I would not have wanted to do last year but since my golf mental outlook has completetly changed, I'm looking forward to each round.

So, since my last post: I'm back having regilar lessons with my favourite golf pro, I REalLY like him, I've been with him for over 2 years, not on a regular basis I might ad, I'm just a club golfer, not about to turn pro or anything but every time I have a lesson with him, I come out feeling encouraged and positive. We've changed a few minor things with my swing and at the moment, I'm hitting the ball MUCH better tha I have for a long time. So, the physical side, I can work on and improve on in time.

However, how is my mental side of golf going?

Actually, I can report that it is going REALLY well.  Thanks to the golf mind training course I'm taking, my attitude to golf has changed dramatically ! I can deal with frustarrtion a lot better and look on each potentail 'disaster' now as a challenge as to how I can deal with that one particular shot.

Yesterday we played a course next to our hotel called Saunton Sands, we started playing at 3pm afetr a 4 hour drive from London to Devon and although it was quite warm when we started, by the time we finished at 7pm, we were FREEZING.

I had a good front 9, but after 12 holes, I was so cold and tired that I stopped enjoying playing. My stableford score was miserable, 10 points on the front and 9 on the back although I was hitting the ball really well but it’s a links course and the greens were Really fast.

We're playing it again today and after a good nigts sleep, my hopes are high that I will score more points today.

I'll write later with news!

Mental Golf Game? – Is this an answer?

Hello everyone. I need your help. I love to play golf but sometime my golf game gets the better of me. I get very frustrated over the game. I know that sometimes I play bad because I let a bad day at work get to me. I don’t think my clubs can take much more of me pounding them into the ground.

My dad sent me a link to a CD program that you listen to for 30 minutes a day and it is suppose to relax you and help your mental game. I know my dad has used programs like this in the past and they have worked for him. I would appreciate your input. Also, the program is only .97. Not a lot of money and I can send it back if I don’t think it’s working.

Thanks in advance for your input!
LoL- and no my dad is not trying to get me into a pyramid scam.

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What are some good drills for the mental game of golf?

I am a 3 handicap who needs some mental help i often start thinking to much or just cant calm down an forget about one bad hole?? I need some tips to help my mental game

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Golf Mental Game: how to not think about my score?

i am having a lot of trouble with my mental game. i have the talent to shoot low scores but my mind holds me back. the main reason is i tend to focus on my score and the end result. i was wondering if anyone has any good techniques to help with not thinking about my score at all. it seems when i start bad with a few bogeys i can settle down because i think i have no chance so then a play well after. but i need a way to not think about it without being out of the tournament.

Thank You!

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